Keyhole Neurosurgery

Keyhole neurosurgery is founded on the philosophy of Primum non nocere – To first do no harm. We minimise the stresses endured by patients undergoing a neurosurgical procedure by utilising a Minimally Invasive Approach whenever possible. Based on a strong understanding of surgical anatomy, disease pathogenesis and neuro-physiology, this approach allows maximal safe treatment of neurosurgical conditions whilst potentially limiting the additional physical stressors of more traditional neurosurgical approaches.

The aim of the Minimally Invasive Approach is to maximally treat neurosurgical conditions through minimal tissue dissections, allowing shorter recovery times and a greater sense of well-being.

Our practice specialises in Pituitary, Brain and Spine pathologies and are lead by two neurosurgeons.


Mr Yi Yuen (Ian) Wang is a fully qualified neurosurgeon with sub-specialty expertise in endoscopic pituitary, brain and minimally invasive spine techniques. Surgery is performed using the latest in neurosurgical operative technologies, including the neuro-endoscope, cranial frameless stereotactic systems and the only O-arm intra-operative spinal navigation system available in Victoria. Mr. Wang consults at St. Vincent’s Public Hospital, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital and Knox Private Hospital.